About Us

Our mission is to create an ever-evolving botanical space for creativity and community.

Merrihew's Sunset Gardens has been a staple of the LA westside community for 75 years. Don Merrihew opened the store’s first location over on Montana Ave. in 1947. About 30 years later, Norm Patino bought the business and moved it to its current location on Ocean Park Blvd., which was once home to a used car dealership. 

In 2005, Norm sold the business to long time employee Dick Lahey, who many in our community know and love. Finally in May of 2021, Dick passed the torch to Merrihew’s current owner, Frank Slamka, who was one of his employees. 

Frank began gardening when he was 4 years old with his dad in upstate New York. He hopes to use his experience and love for gardening to continue serving the Merrihew’s community for many years to come.